Bamio, the first social network with capital :)

There are many coincidences in this life, and in this case we have discovered that
Bamio capital is located in a village in the municipality of Villagarcía de Arosa,
Galicia, Spain, just named … Bamio!

One of its inhabitants told us on our Twitter in Spanish. We send greetings to its more than 1,400 inhabitants :)


Talking about categories

In Bamio, one of the most important features is that every user can customize her/his profile simply choosing the categories that the user likes more from the 240 available ones. Currently, this helps to the users to find what categories they share with other people, in an easy way.

The new progress in Bamio will boost to a large extent the use of this information in order to find events and activities related, selective suggestions and more features that will improve a lot the user experience.

Soon, we will have available these new features and much more, stay tuned.


Hello Bamio!

Here we are. Have been many months of intense and exciting work. And finally, we’re ready to start this adventure, we hope you enjoy it with us

Bamio has been designed to organize your social life and your personal activity. Our whole life is wrapped by activities and events we do, we are what we do! And for this, Bamio wants to you be full activated:

  • Organize your activities and events quickly and easily
  • Allow your friends to propose places and dates: democratize your activities!
  • Find places, events and people in your area who connect with you
  • Your timeline: you will have organized your events and notifications, and it will show your free time to your friends
  • If you are active, you can get “Kudos” (aka karma) and awards: enjoy using Bamio!
  • You will have Bamio in your mobile and in your desktop very soon

Life is movement, life is Bamio!